Primary Care Of Telfair: Aaliya Amer, MD

Primary Care & Geriatrics located in Sugar Land, TX


Aaliya Amer, MD, is a primary care physician serving patients at Primary Care Of Telfair-Aaliya Amer MD in Sugar Land, Texas. She has practiced internal medicine and geriatrics for the last 14 years and provides her patients with high-quality and knowledgeable care.

Dr. Amer's vast medical expertise and diverse experience in geriatrics and internal medicine make her an outstanding primary care physician in Texas. 

With her warm and caring demeanor, Dr. Amer quickly builds a rapport with her patients and their families. She applies best practices in internal medicine and the latest technologies to improve outcomes for her patients. 

Dr. Amer can quickly get to the bottom of the problem and form an effective treatment plan for those in her care. Her treatments typically take a holistic approach to the illness, including diet, exercise, medicines, and stress relief options.

Dr. Amer looks forward to partnering with new and existing patients at her Sugar Land, Texas office.